Natural Barefoot Trim Specialist

Providing Rehabilitation Services for
Navicular Laminitic 
and Upright Footed Horses.


Compassionate Care

More than 40 years of service,
caring for the hooves of thousands of
horses throughout Colorado and beyond.


Specialist in Hoof Balance

Correct balance makes the difference
between a comfortable horse,
and one with lameness issues.


A Personal Approach

Dan Craig treats each horse as an individual,
he watches the horse move and makes
a plan to shape the best hoof possible.

dc homeWelcome to Dan Craig Hoof Care

I’m probably one of the more versatile Natural Barefoot Trim Specialists that I know out there. Over the last 4 decades I have worked with some of the top practitioners in western and alternative equine medicine. I have worked with upper-end horses for a number of years before I found natural barefoot trimming and realized this was my calling. A natural and healthy way to care for my horses.

barefootThe balance in the trim is an integral part of the overall well-being of the horse.

Unfortunately, what we all think is that the shoes are the answer for everything, and this has been for 100s of years our whole society has thought this. For 28 years I did too, until I realized the value of how Mother Nature takes care of the horses’ feet. The foot actually will grow to what it’s needs are is what’s really remarkable here. Mother Nature takes care of our horses’ feet, we just have to allow that to happen. We have thought that we need to protect them with horse shoes, and we have good intentions - sure enough they can take of themselves.

"Dan thank you for taking care of my horse. Getting him back to where he out to be – Natural.
He is a great horse and we very much appreciate what you’ve done for him and the rest of our heard." - John